Our design and development process

Our design and development process is so simple with cutting edge designs for branding, User Experience, and User Interface Designs


Research and Discovery

Define project goals, vision, risks, opportunties, and constraints. Set timeline and milestones.



Develop UI/UX based on user story mapping and definitions for product functions and object relationships.



Create product based on Agile methodoology.



Test and verify functionality according to specification and business requirement logic.

We don’t just design websites, we think about how users use them…

The process of designing a website is always with the goal to make it easy for all users. A good user experience can help increase conversions, reduce bounce rates and vastly improve any business' online presence.

But first, what is UX design? Well… simply put, it’s about creating a great and intuitive website design. UX design includes critical analysis and logic to understand how users interact with products or services; It includes usability, design, navigation, and impression and takes into account what people will be doing on your site as well as their first impression when they arrive there - all in order for you to get the most out of potential customers!

It’s easy to also sometimes get UX and UI confused, but these are simply two of the most important aspects in web design. UI moreso takes into account every little detail to create beautiful designs that meet customer needs perfectly.

When it comes to website design, our designers always have 5 core principles that they apply to every project:

  1. The design should focus on the users experience
  2. Websites mostly are scanned and not digested fully
  3. Users want clarity and simplicity
  4. Know the audiences the website is targeting
  5. Visual hierarchy

Sticking to those core principles enables our designers to produce beautiful websites, which invoke a feeling and visually impress the end user, whilst of course making it a breeze to navigate and interact with content.

There’s so much more that comes with designing a beautiful website. The mooch design team always work through our in-house developed system to make sure every website design is perfect.

Our team thrives on solving interesting problems with fresh solutions.

But don’t take our word for it, we’ve got plenty of proof here for you to see.

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