Creating a showcase website for local kitchen company, Plum Kitchens.

Plum Kitchens originated from ‘Creating Better Homes’ - a family run business which specialise in doing exactly what they are named - transforming homes through construction and renovation.

As the company continued to grow, the family recognised a large part of the business included interior design so set up Plum Kitchens.

The family behind Plum Kitchens came to us with the ambition to create both a brand and website, with the opportunity to then follow with a digital marketing campaign to gain traffic to the new site.

Plum Kitchens values are based on family living and creating the perfect kitchen for daily routine. Design, style and practical storage solutions are all what Plum sees as crucial to creating the perfect kitchen. These values had to be reflected throughout the branding, website design and messaging without losing the modern and luxury style that is so important in the interior design industry.

Plum Kitchen USP (unique selling point) was that they provide an inclusive service which many other retailers charge extra for. This means they provide everything from initial kitchen design to installation and plumbing, gas and electrical reinstallation.

Our mooch creatives developed #plumtastic branding which included an asset and colour palette mirroring the plum fruit. We used a modern yet simplistic font adding sophistication to the brand. We developed messaging that was both friendly and personal to reflect the family value, and casual and modern to reflect the industry it competes in.

The ‘Plum’ colour palette runs throughout the website with additional handwritten font which emphasises the personality of the brand and the family value. We opted to create the website in Squarespace as this is a modern, easy to use and popular development software - the ideal fit for the design we had developed.

Alongside the website development and copywriting we integrated various forms of content marketing to maximise conversions once traffic had reached the site. This included 2 downloadable guides; ‘Top Trends of 2020’, ‘10 Essentials to Know Before Buying A Kitchen’, and a form of interactive marketing, a quiz; ‘What Kitchen Style is Best for me?’.

  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • Business Cards
  • HTML Email Signature
  • Fly Design

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