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Your potential client will instantly determine whether they will contact you again by the look and feel portrayed by your business card the moment you hand it to them. You only get one first impression; make it count!





We offer a wide range of business cards on the OvexFX, ranging from custom business cards designed and printed in unique shapes to grab extra attention, and to stylish slimline business cards for a professional look. You also have the option of choosing your stock thickness and texture for your business cards, and for the best finish you can also have the choice of matte, gloss or any other special finishes we have available.

Results that all matters

Available specialty finishes for your OvexFX business cards:

  • High quality business cards at the most affordable prices
  • All printing is done within Australia.
  • All styles and finishes of business cards
  • Specialty finishes available

We have a huge range of styles to choose from to ensure your new business cards meet your business needs. You are involved in every step of the design process to ensure that you are 100% happy with your cards!

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