Three Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Today!

Three Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Today!

Increasing numbers of adults and teenagers are using social media everyday. In light of that, they are not only accessing social media on one platform, but multiple platforms that allow for different methods of engagement. People engage on social media for a variety of reasons: to share about their life, to keep in touch with friends and family, to reconnect with old friends, to shop online – to name a few. Any company would be intelligent to have a digital marketing strategy that utilized social media to increase their online presence. Here are three ways social media marketing can help your business today:

1. Branding – By having Social Media accounts and pages on the web it will help increase Brand Awareness for your Organization.

Branding is important because, like a catchy tune, it can stay with people after they have seen it. Branding can help communicate what your business does, and what values it stands for. Branding can help create a sense of belonging for people and engage them with your business, which they may not have been aware of.

2. Promotions – Social media sites are a great place to advertise promotions and promotional material for your company. Social media sites also collaborate with businesses to allow customers to “check-in” to their location.

“Check-Ins” can be a way in which your clients advertise for you, as every time they “check-in” it will appear on their page for all of their friends and followers to see.

Social media sites also offer a quick opportunity for businesses to spread the word about a sale or promotion that is happening online or at their store. These promotions can be shared by followers of your page for their friends and followers to see – this type of promotion can generate a lot of interest and attention for your company.

3. Interacting With Your Customers/Community – Social media accounts allow you to interact with your clients almost immediately. This could be an interaction regarding a negative experience they have had – the quicker you respond to make the situation right, the better their experience starts becoming. On the flipside, if they were to post about the positive experience they had, that would give you the ability to share it on your page as a real time, real life, testimonial.

This ability to interact with customers in an immediate and safe way can only be offered by social media. Different platforms allow for different types of interactions. Even after a negative experience, having phenomenal customer service can change that customer’s negative experience into a positive one. Social media allows you to increase your ability to serve a customer.

If you think your business would benefit from having a digital marketing strategy, or you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with Eviqe Media today!

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